Frequently Asked Questions

Logo and Design

How long until I receive my initial logo designs?
It takes us 3 business days to deliver your initial logo concepts to you. The design team will require additional time to work on the revisions (if needed).
In what file formats will I get my designs?

We want you to be able to actually use your designs, so we’ll give you your design files in everything you need, including…

  • Raw Vector (EPS)
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • PDF
  • TIF

Apart from the above mentioned options if you require any other formats, just ask, we’re happy to help.

How can I get revisions done?
It all begins with multiple design concepts. Keep in mind that the design process is highly intricate and is done collaboratively, we send you the initial logo design concepts. Improvements are done based on your feedback. Usually, clients ask us to adjust colors, fonts and layout. Sometimes, they even ask us to synthesise a new logo by combining parts from the initial concepts.
Who owns the copyright for my final designs?
All the copyrights and privileges are yours and yours only. However it is your responsibility to register and protect your design copyrights

Web Design and Development

Do your website packages also include coding?
Definitely! All of our web packages include design, coding, and integration onto your server or hosting platform.
I don't have a web host. Does iBrands provide hosting services?

We have our own dedicated servers which provide affordable and secure hosting, Contact Us.

What content management system (CMS) do you use at iBrands?
We use WordPress as our default CMS of choice. If you need your files in straight HTML or need to use another CMS like Django CMS and others, we’re glad to help with that too.
Do you use template for websites?
No. Every website is custom designed from scratch using advanced technology.
Are your websites responsive?
Yes they are! We create web pages that “responds to” or resizes itself depending on the type of device it is being seen through. That could be an oversized desktop computer monitor, a laptop or devices with small screens such as smartphones and tablets.

Search Engine Optimisation

Will subscribing iBrands SEO make me first on search engines?
We do everything according to best practices to setup your website to rank well, However, this does not guarantee your website will rank first, on the first page, or at all. The way search engines determine how a website is ranked on their results is extremely complicated and depends on several other factors such as domain name age, amount of historical traffic, and the quality of the website's content. Anyone who guarantees your website will rank first from only having a website is either being dishonest or does not know what they are doing. The best way to improve your ranking is to have a website with us and a focused effort on improving your search engine ranking through targeted content creation and indexing.
Why do my search results differ from my friend/colleague/wife/husband...?
Sometimes you might see different search results than someone else. This is due to search personalization. Search personalization is based on your search history and is tracked via your Google+ profile or cookies. For this reason search results might sometimes look a little bit different.
When should I begin seeing improvements in my rankings?
This is a rather tough question to answer. Improvements can be seen after a few days, weeks or even months. There are several factors to consider, such as the previous state of the website, the amount and type of changes, crawl rate, keyword competitiveness and so on. SEO is usually a long term strategy that can take several months.
Do domain extensions matter?
Country-specific domain extensions (.de, .fr, .it...) can help you rank for local searches in your country. There is no ranking benefit of choosing a certain generic domain extensions (.com, .net, .org...).
Should I invest in exact-match domains?
Exact-match domains are, as the name suggests, domain names that match a certain keyword or phrase. For example: if you want to rank for the term ‘rare baseball cards’, you could buy the domain (exact match domain). This type of domain used to be really powerful in the past. However, in September last year an algorithm update was released that reduces low-quality exact-match domains in search results. I suggest choosing a short domain name which is easy to remember.